The smart video intercom

WIFI: Using your WIFI at home, the device connects seamlessly to allow for video calling REAL TIME VIDEO: Online and ready for you to view even if the bell is not pressed. 2-WAY TALKBACK: On board microphone have clear two-way voice communication with your visitor AUDIO: Noise reduction speaker enables clear sound MOTION DETECTION: With the motion sensor the device will trigger an alert direct to your smartphone SNAPSHOT: Take a snapshot direct from your smartphone

RECORD: Record video onto your smartphone through the free app PLAYBACK: Playback video from locally stored recordings and snap shot on your smartphone 720P RESOLUTION: Clear image HD quality 130 degree viewing angle H.264 COMPRESSION: Fluid video feed with h.264 compression for best streaming available for the smartphone app ON BOARD STORAGE: Micro SD Storage allows you to store all the goings on for replay at a later stage SMARTPHONE MOBILE APP: Free app available on iOS and Android

What is WI-BELL?

WI-BELL is a Smart Video Intercom that uses your home or office WIFI network to enable you to answer your intercom using your smart mobile device without physically having to go to the door or gate to see who is there.

What distance can i install the WI-BELL from the WIFI?

WIFI distance is always uncertain to try and calculate, due to many factors such as the amount of brickwork, steel or any materials that cause the WIFI signal to be reduce over distance. We suggest that you download an APP called WIFI ANALYSER from the Google Play store. This APP will enable you to determine the signal strength of your WIFI at the position you intend on installing your WI-BELL and whether you need to use additional equipment to increase your WIFI signal to the point of installation.

Is the WI-BELL waterproof?

The WI-BELL is IP54 rated, in short, the device having water splashing against the enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effect.

How will I know if someone is at the door or gate?

Your visitor will press the bell button in the same way they would press a normal bell or intercom. Once the button is pressed you will receive the notification directly to your smart mobile device.

Can I open a gate with my WI-BELL?

The WI-BELL has its own unique relay (additional accessory) that once connected to your electronic strike will enable you to open the gate through the APP remotely.

What is the warranty of the WI-BELL?

The WI-BELL carry s a 12-month warranty.

Can I install the WI-BELL myself?

The WI-BELL is designed to be a DIY installation however should you need to run additional electrical power sources to install the device we do suggest that you hire a professional to do the work.

How do I see who is at my door or gate?

Using a smart mobile device that has either the Android or iOS operating system. Download the SECURITY WI-BELL APP from the relevant APP store onto your device.

How many devices can the WI-BELL be viewed from?

The WI-BELL is not limited to only being viewed on one device and can be viewed on multiple devices at the same time. Just remember the more devices viewing the Live feed will impact on the delay of video image due to your network restraints.

Is the APP free to download?

Yes, the APP is free.

Are there any additional costs after i have purchased the WI-BELL?

No once you have paid for your device there are no additional service costs. The only costs you will incur are data costs should you not have an unlimited or uncapped data network or you choose to use your mobile network to view your video feed.

If I missed the call can I go back and see who it was?

Yes, you can, the WI-BELL allows you to add a memory card to the device and all activity will be recorded on the card. You will be able to access the information from the mobile APP.

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The Smart Video Intercom


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