About Wi-Bell

About Wi-Bell

Wi-Bell is a dynamic business based in Cape Town, South Africa. We are passionate about security and high tech equipment. The Company’s founders received numerous requests for a Wi-Bell type system (which wasn’t readily available on the market). After extensive research, they coordinated the manufacture and development of this up to date technology gadget – The Wi-Bell. The amazing Wi-Bell Smart Video Intercom, launched in South Africa, communicates through Wi-Fi, using an App on your smart device. It allows you to communicate as well and interact via your smartphone to the person who is ringing your doorbell! You can access the App via your smartphone. This is simply life changing in our busy schedules. We are knowledgeable about our industry and strive to assist our Clients in the most professional manner. We are trustworthy and are friendly and approachable. We would love to help transform your world using this unique intercom system.

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